Tesla's Attic


One part hilarious, two parts puzzle, and three parts mystery and adventure, Tesla's Attic entertains and intrigues.

Nick, his younger brother Danny and their Dad have left Tampa and all things familiar to make a life for themselves in Colorado Springs.  Mom died in the fire that consumed their home with all of their possessions and memories.  Now Nick has to start middle school late in the year and will have to fight the challenge of being the New Kid.

Then, all of the odd things start to happen.  Nick makes his way through the school cafeteria line mindlessly accepting the bland and blase food known to every school child in the universe. What he doesn't expect is for the cafeteria lady, Ms. Planck, to advise him to go dump his tray on the head of Theo... school bigshot and goon.  

Nick also doesn't expect to hold a yard sale to get rid of all the junk that's collected in the attic of the home his family now calls their own.  A strange light calls townspeople into the garage and one by one they claim precious junk items willing to pay three times their true value.  

The lives of Caitlin, Vince, Mitch, Danny and Nick are about to be changed in the most peculiar ways.  A toy that answers life's questions?  A camera that takes pictures of 24 hours in the future?   A fan that freezes the residents?   Everything was invented by the mysterious genius of Nicholas Tesla and left in the attic in the care of Great Aunt Greta.  

What is going on in this town?  Does all of the attic junk really have magical properties?  A wonderful adventure has wrinkled itself into the lives of these kids and now they will have to first understand what is going on, figure out why and then come up with a plan to solve the mystery.  The strange power that is held in the attic treasures could fall under  the control of a group of physicists, the Accelerati, with their own plan for the fate of the world.  Now it's up to Nick and his new friends to unravel the puzzle and find a solution with that just might affect the destiny of the planet.

Ages 8-12   246 pages


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