Tell the Truth, B.B.Wolf

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Tell the Truth, B.B.Wolf

Prepare yourselves. The Big Bad Wolf has started to Mind His Manners and is back in this tale of atonement. As B.B. Wolf is working away to restore the Villains Villa, his cell phone rings. It seems Miss Wonderly , the local librarian, is inviting B.B. to the library to tell the truth about that three little pigs story. You know, the one about the huffing and puffing and blowing down houses and all that. B.B. gets into his finest and heads off to clear up his name. Only the storytime listeners who include a snappy Gingerbread Boy, a crack up of an egg named Dumpty, and a persevering, puffin little choo choo train, aren't buying it. B.B. just can't bring himself to apologize. He is so embarrassed. But, maybe if he tries singing his sorrow, he'll be able to say it for once and for all. Will B.B. always have to stand for Big Bad? We turn to the trusted dictionary to give him another chance. Ages 5-8 40 pages (sequel to Mind Your Manners B.B.Wolf)

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