Teaflet and Roog Make a Mess

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On the day before the annual Strawberry Jam Party, a letter arrives and sister and brother, Teaflet and Roog, learn that the very next day their house is going to be inspected... inspected to see if it is clean enough.  If it isn't clean enough, they will have to spend the day cleaning the home of the Inspector of Neatness.

What a to-do in Trelfdom.  Teaflet and Roog set about cleaning their home but it seems all of Teaflet's animal friends are curled up in some corner or drawer and the more the two friends clean, the more animals appear.

This utterly charming story seems to have dropped out of another century in the most delightful way.  Friends, animals, kindness, cuteness are all whipped up together into a confection where the tension doesn't rise higher than a teacake and the sweetness is tempered with the flecks of hilarity and the sprinkles of fun.

Darling animal images appear on page after page all born of the exquisite talents of Jane Dyer.  Take the evenness, the reassurance and the simple fun of stories from Jeanne Birdsall and top them off with the deliciousness of how Jane Dyer sees the world and you have this story of cottages and cakes.

It's lovely.  It's fun.  It's what we used to find on the shelves.  Will the brother and sister be able to get the house clean before the Inspector of Neatness scours every nook and cranny?  Will every animal find a place to hide?  Is it possible to get all the ingredients they need for the jam and the cakes?  It's a giggle.

96 pages 978-0593179116 Ages 5-9

Keywords: animals, brothers and sisters, fun, humor, cleaning, friends, friendship, parties, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


A silly, illustrated adventure from the National Book Award-winning author of The Penderwicks--perfect for children newly reading on their own!

Teaflet and her brother, Roog, are ready to throw their annual strawberry jam party for their friends in Trefldom. They want it to be the best party ever, even ten times better than the best party ever! But the inspector of neatness is coming to examine their higgledy-piggledy house from top to bottom. If she finds even one pinch of dirt, or one messy bed, the party will be canceled.

Teaflet promises to clean while Roog bakes for the party. But will she be distracted by animals needing her help, like the toad whose tongue drags on the ground? Or will she finish in time and save the party?---from the publisher

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