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Tank Talbott's Guide to Girls

Tank Talbott's Guide to Girls

Our friend, Tank, whom we met in the first book, Trading Places with Tank Talbott, is in "deep kimchee." He has just been brought into the principal's office and told that if he doesn't shape up academically over the summer, he's going to repeat the 5th grade. Part of his "sentence" is to write in a journal every day. Well, to add to his misery his stepsisters are joining the family for the summer. GIRLS!!! Nightmare! Tank really doesn't like this pair of young ladies, and he decides to get control of his life by writing a book - yes , a guide to girls. I've book-talked this to 4th and 5th grade classes, and it's really fun to watch the goofy grins they all get on their faces and the curiosity that leaps out of them. Even the boys come into my public library days later and say, "Uh, where is that book...you know, the one about the guide to girls?" All I can say, is good luck guys. If Tank really had this nailed, we'd have a bestseller on the New York Times non-fiction list. Grown men would be clicking on the Amazon order button. Sorry, but it's really fun, and girls enjoy reading it too and laughing because they know Tank doesn't have any of our secrets figured out, and we're not telling.

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