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Tales For Very Picky Eaters

Tales For Very Picky Eaters

Winner of the 2012 Geisel Medal

The eternal battle between parents and what's on the plate for dinner versus the picky eater rages on but in this family the father is stealthily winning by using his old noggin' and he is one hilarious guy. Not one to resort to the time-honored "because I said so" line, this crafty fellow has some instant successes up the old sleeve.

In five adventures with food we watch the paternal warrior rise to the occasion as his son announces his dislike for broccoli, mushroom lasagna, milk, lumpy oatmeal and finally eggs. Rather than arm wrestle his kid to the ground, he agrees with him and offers him options. Hey, you don't like the broccoli? I have some terrific dirt here and certainly the all ready been chewed gum is a real fan favorite. Can you just hear the oooooh and the ick?

Meal after meal Dad has the clever response ready. Anyone want to eat an old sock? Hey, do you know what happens to the dog if the oatmeal doesn't get eaten and instead starts growing and growing and eating everything in sight....even things that move and bark? The fun grows and grows and the laughs will too. This is a terrific read aloud and the joy of having a parent who is so doggone smart is half the fun. Get your knife and fork ready and enjoy each meal as Josh Schneider "serves" it up. Great read aloud.

48 pages                  Ages 5-9

Recommended by :  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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