Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale

Sweet Moon Baby:  An Adoption Tale

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Knopf, November 2010

This has to be one of the most beautiful adoption books I've ever seen. A baby girl is born in China and she is perfect! Instantly, the child hearing this story is reassured that there was no flaw, no defect that caused her parents to share her with the universe. The parents dream of better things for their daughter than they are able to give her so they set her off on a journey floating down an ethereal river in a basket. Along the way, the universe supports her and one by one, a turtle, a peacock, a monkey, a panda and more guard and comfort her and help move her on. It is a wondrous world filled with love.

Now, we see the couple who wants a daughter so dearly, but a baby does not come for them. While they wait, they make a world of a vegetable garden, and a house, books and pretty things and they wait for a sign that their daughter has arrived. Together they search for her in every possible place, far and wide. Then, they find her. Throughout the gentle story, there is a sense of the connection in all things in the universe and a bond between the little girl and the waiting parents that will at last bring them together to share their magical love forever. 32 pages Ages 3-9

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(Updated: February 14, 2013)
Sweet Moon Baby is a beautiful story, with equally beautiful illustrations! Our daughter came home from China in April of 2012 and the book quickly became a daily read for her! I, to this day, find myself a bit teary while reading it as it captures the essence of longing for this child, finding her and the feelings of concern and overwhelming gratitude for her birth parents. We especially connect with the moon in the book as we look at the same moon her birth parents do! Thank you Karen Henry Clark!
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A superb review. Truly it would be very difficult to top such perceptive insight into the love and support a child of adoption needs. It is planted deep in her heart woven in a beautiful tail by Karen Clark. The child is reassured, there was no flaw, there are no mistakes in the universe, it's infinite wisdom has a plan. Sweet Moon Baby, travel on an incredible journey...
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