Swamp Thing Twin Branches

swamp thing book 2 twin branches

#1 New York Times bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater (the Raven Cycle series) and artist Morgan Beem unearth the primal power of memory and how it twists the bond between two brothers.

Twins Alec and Walker Holland have a reputation around town. One is quiet and the other is the life of any party, but the two are inseparable. For their last summer before college, Alec and Walker leave the city to live with their rural cousins, where they find that the swamp holds far darker depths than they could have imagined.

While Walker carves their names into the new social scene, laboratory, Alec recedes into a summer-school laboratory, because he brought something from home on their trip--it's an experiment that will soon consume him. This season, both brothers must confront truths, ancient and familial, and as their lives diverge, tensions increase and dormant memories claw to the surface.

From #1 New York Times bestselling authorMaggie Stiefvater (the Raven Cycle series) and artist Morgan Beem comes a story of shadows, both literal and imagined--and those that take form and haunt us.---from the publisher


What defines us?  What can show us just how powerful we are meant to be?

Alec has worked for over a year to grow his plant Boris 74 which he seeded with the memories and experiences of Boris 73.  Will Boris 74 hold onto those memories and develop based on them?  That's where Alec, a twin, feels most like himself.  He and his twin brother, Walker, couldn't be more different and right now they aren't sharing much of their lives with each other and they are heading off on different tracks.   Then the two brothers walk on a scene in the kitchen that leaves them wondering about the integrity of their father and their parents' marriage.

The twins leave their home and parents  to spend the summer with their cousins and their aunt.  It only takes a few days before iAlec feels he is losing everything that mattered to him and everything that defined him.  Different as always this is where Walker shines. Walker starts making friends the minute he breathes the air.  He pushes Alec to go to local parties and as always Walker comes out a king while Alec looks for a way to escape and disappear to a safer place where he can be himself.

In the midst of this disconnect with his brother and his relatives Alec has one of those moments in life when it looks like his world has been completely destroyed and everything he has worked for has been  lost.  What do you do in that moment?

A fair amount of language runs through the story which makes it a little more coarse and a little tougher -it's almost like a protective skin for Alec and his sensitivity. Don't come near me - I'm a tough dude- and I won't let you hurt me.

This is a story about the strength of plants and the plant world - how plants communicate, how they protect themselves, how they fight for the resources they need.  It's a story about one brother who is working to understand those plants.  It's a story about twin brothers whose hearts are more sensitive than they want anyone to know.  It's a story about being seen and loved for being who you are.  It's a story about discovering that you are more than you could ever imagine yourself to be.

Beware the power of plants.  Beware the strength of authenticity.  A graphic novel and an author with a deeply sensitive heart.

208 pages                            978-1401293239                        Ages 14-17  (language)

Keywords:  graphic novel, twins, plants, science, danger, teens, superheroes, science experiment, finding yourself, relationships, 14 year old, 15 year old, 16 year old

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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