Shopped the grocery store with a toddler lately?  Turn your back on the shopping cart and look what happens.  A brave young mother loads her toddler into the grocery cart and the jubilant young'un celebrates the beginning of a wonderful adventure as the glass dooers swing open and wide.  

The beets on the shelf go in the cart, out of the cart, in the cart....followed by the peanut butter, the crunchy flakes, the cheese and the peas.

We are rhyming our way up and down the aisles as a poor shopper in a purple dress is not having her best day. 

Leaving a trail of destruction, the toddler is still smiling as they arrive at the checkout counter.  Purple dress is pretty much unconscious as the entire grocery staff waves goodbye and we head out to load the car.  

A typical day in a young mother's life is happily and delightfully brought to us in warm and cheerful colors.  Need to show your young one what shopping is all about... here it is but don't say we didnt' warn you.

Ages  3-6  978    48  pages  (This is a super sturdy book with those extra thick pages)

  • 978-0744593556

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