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Holiday House 2001
Social Studies Curriculum

Just about everyone buys their food for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the supermarket these days.  But did you ever stop and ask yourself how does that food get to the supermarket?  Or why do they put the oranges up against the wall and the doughnuts all the way in the back?

This is an informative book all about where foods like tomatoes were discovered, how supermarkets were created, the food pyramid, what it's like to work in a supermarket, how they keep the food fresh.

Up and down the aisles we go with our basket, discovering beds of ice and cartons of produce.  Where does it all come from and how do supermarkets "work?"

Not for story time but a wonderful one on one sharing or good for a report for school.

978-0823415465  Ages  5-8    32 pages

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