Sunrise (Ashfall Trilogy, Book 3)


In this third and final volume of the Ashfall series Alex and Darla have returned to the farm near Warren, IL. It has been nearly a year since the Yellowstone caldera exploded, sending the world into an ashen winter. Food is scarce, cold and injury has taken a toll on the population, and roving bands of gangs remain a constant threat. Warring between gangs and communities is on going. Survival is tenuous.

Alex and Darla with help from Ben plan for the survival of those who remain at the farm house. Moving to a defensible location is an immediate need. Over a period of indeterminate time the survivors build a new settlement, provide for food, minor comfort, and safety.

Excursions to the outside world help provide the needed materials for the settlement's expansion and to rescue survivors from other towns, but everything comes at a cost. The post eruption world is savage. The author, Mike Mullin, does not shy away from the in humanity of man kind or from the realities of malnutrition, cold, and despair. The ingenuity of man to create technology from the scraps left over from the previous world are also evident. This is not a life without all hope. Hope is what keeps the settlement alive.

This is an excellent read for anyone who enjoys realistic speculative fiction. The characters are real, you love them or hate them. The environment is real both in science and psychology. You won't want to put this book down and when it is over you will want more. You will leave this book series never again to think the same way about survival.

 978-1939100016    542 pages  Ages 14 and up  

Recommended by:  Barbara Fiehn MLS, Ed.D, Kentucky USA

Read alikes:  LEGEND series by Marie Lu; MAZERUNNER by James Dashner

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