Sunny Rolls the Dice


Okay, so this book might take place back in the 70s with portable cassette players, Styx songs and Dungeons and Dragons but the whole being groovy thing hasn't changed much in 50 years. Sunny and her buddy are standing in front of the magazine rack at the store and Sunny picks out Teen magazine and starts reading a quiz on being that as cool.

You answer the questions and then you add up your points to see how groovy you are. Anyone able to guess how groovy Sunny is going to score? Yep, you're right. She barely registers on the groovy meter. Turns out there are a ton of rules about being groovy and being in middle school that she has somehow missed out on.

If a guy bumps you a lot at the skating rink, it means he likes you. The whole hair setting thing is really beyond her. It's a maze of unanswered questions and challenges.

Where Sunny does feel comfortable is playing D & D with a bunch of guys from the neighborhood. She's a fighter. One of the other guys has to be the cleric that is usually designated for the girl.

Finding yourself in middle school is as complicated as surviving the giant spider on the ceiling of a D &D game. You have to look for the traps and expect the unexpected. You never know when your galoshes are going to turn on you.

Funny and real this is a greatly reassuring book for all the kids who are struggling to understand the rules and figure out the ropes of being a middle schooler. Up to the high standards as always.

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,

******** From the award-winning duo of Jennifer and Matthew Holm comes the sequel to the bestselling Sunny Side Up -- full of heart, laughs, and adventure!

Too cool for school . . . or the least groovy girl in the grade?

Sunny's just made it to middle school . . . and it's making her life very confusing. All her best friend Deb wants to talk about is fashion, boys, makeup, boys, and being cool. Sunny's not against any of these things, but she also doesn't understand why suddenly everything revolves around them. She's much more comfortable when she's in her basement, playing Dungeons & Dragons with a bunch of new friends. Because when you're swordfighting and spider-slaying, it's hard to worry about whether you look cool or not. Especially when it's your turn to roll the 20-sided die.

Trying hard to be cool can make you feel really uncool . . . and it's much more fun to just have fun. Sunny's going to find her groove and her own kind of groovy, with plenty of laughs along the way.--from the publisher

224 pages                     978-1338233155                    Ages 9-13

Keywords:  graphic novel, middle school, growing up, social skills, identity, finding yourself, humor, fun, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old 12 year old, 13 year old

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