Sunday Is for God

Sunday Is for God

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Schwartz & Wade, Jan. 2010

Sunday dawns and this little boy knows exactly how the day is going to go. He gets out of bed, hectors his older brother and then heads down to eat the eggs and the biscuits and the "I don't know what all." His generations of family are gathered around the table and then it's time to get dressed for church and he's reminded about tying his tie. This is a very special day. It's the day they save for God. Church is filled with scratchiness, meanness, the voices of the pastor and the congregation. This young boy's mind is filled with hopes of escape. But, he has his own connection to God and when the last hymn comes around as he knows it will, every sings "as aloud as we can." Then, he's off and he can run and be free and head home for Sunday dinner and no more tie. But, he knows how special the day is and he sees how his family saves it and celebrates it. "Tomorrow it will be a regular day. But today is special. Sunday is the Lord's day. Sunday is for God." The beautifully illustrated book resonates with family, the power of continuity and faith.

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