A Sudden Light


It is the summer of 1990 and 14-year-old Trevor and his dad are going to Riddell House the old family mansion in Seattle’s Puget Sound. Since his parents have begun a trial separation Trevor’s dad has brought him to the old family house where he meets his dad’s sister Serena and watches as his dad and Serena work on dispatching his Grandpa Samuel to a nursing home so they can sell off the house and property to developers.

Serena wants to travel the world and Jones, Trevor’s dad is hoping that he can repair his marriage and start a new life with his portion of the money. Trevor ends up spending his time traversing the secret stairways and passages but soon realizes he is not alone.

Who is the ghost and what does he want? Trevor also gets the chance to meet and get to know his Grandpa Samuel for the first time and as his relationship grows with his grandpa he begins to see a grandpa that others don’t. As Trevor finds and reads journals of his ancestors he finds himself wondering not only what he could do to help but should he help save Riddell House or sell it off? 396 pages    9781439187036, Ages 14+

Recommended by Joleen Waltman, Media Generalist,  Idaho, USA

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