Stuck on Earth

Stuck on Earth

Stuck on Earth is the most hysterical laugh-out-loud book I have read this year. Snarky, crude, obnoxious, boisterous--boys will LOVE this read. David Klass had found the middle school-high school niche in humor reads.

KetchvarIII is sent to Earth by his superiors to find out if Earthlings are worth saving. If not, the Gagnerian Death Ray will destroy the human race and our planet will be given to another more deserving type of alien.

KetchvarIII invades the brain of the typical 14-year old boy. Of course, who does he pick?--none other than the most geeky, nerdy, and bullied 14-year old in the whole town. Tom's family is not the best model for the American dream family either--they are uber-dysfunctional.

Tom Filber is not happy to have a space alien in his brain, but Ketchvar is able to control everything about Tom.

With Ketchvar in control, Tom begins to sound very formal and nearly British. His mother asks him where he's been, and Ketchvar/Tom eanswers, "Good evening, Mother. You're looking quite well. I was just out for a brief constitutional."

Ketchvarsends messages to his ship via Tom's "old-fashioned" lap-top. He encodes them and gives the files names like, "Old Hip-Hop Songs That Sucked" and "How to Saute a Skunk." He figures with titles like those, no one will want to open them.

Ketchvar's commentary on the human race is spot-on, almost a Will Rogerian insight. Ketchvar's view on school is that "..we observed that nearly all of the bad habits manifested by adult humans can be traced back to their early develpment and were acquired and reinforced during a twelve-year period of voluntary daily incarceration known as school."

Stuck on Earth is a wickedly funny book. If you don't find this one humorous, you may need to have your funny bone examined.

Highly recommended for YA collections grades 6-12. Readers who enjoy humor will enjoy this one. Recommended for reluctant readers.

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