Stranger With My Face

Stranger With My Face

Revised from the original 1981 edition to reflect today's technology,
culture, and the contemporary teenager, this work explores the
paranormal, the spirit traveling of the Navajo tradition, as well as
the splitting of twins at birth, adoption, love, living in a separate
community, and more.  Being an outcast who becomes part of the
in-crowd only due to dating a member of the in-crowd, sixteen-year-old
Laurie Stratton has everything she could ever want.  Yet, when her
long-lost twin sister uses spirit travel to reach out and take over
Laurie's life, Laurie must give up her ideal life in order to protect
and save her own existence.  Laurie at one time finds out about love,
betrayal, her adoption, and spirit travel as done by Native Americans,
particularly Navajos, all while dealing with the regular trials and
tribulations any high school student might face – friendships,
cliques, boyfriends, and living in a separate community from where the
school is located – having to take a ferry along with others on the
island each day for schooling.  Those who live in rural areas and have
to bus to the ‘town’ school will feel with Laurie and the others
living on the island, while adopted children will empathize as well.

320 pages

ISBN: 978-0316099042

Reviewed by: Sara Rofofsky Marcus, Librarian, New York, USA

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