Storm Runners

Storm Runners

If Chase Masters hadn't left his tools in the yard, his father would never have gone out in the storm and been hit by lightning. Life handed another blow when a car accident took the lives of Chase's mom and his sister, Monica. Now father and son are making a life on the road as they follow storm after storm so Chase's dad can make his living doing repairs for storm victims. This time they're headed south to Florida and are speeding along with a view of the Gulf of Mexico. Chase's father is watching the path of a hurricane. He and his able assistant, Tomas, aim to make their way to St. Pete in time to offer a helping hand to folks preparing for the storm. Then, once the storm does its damage, the two men will be on the spot and ready to make some good money rebuilding homes and businesses. First, Chase's Dad drops Chase off at a farm that turns out to be a warehouse for a circus when it's off the road. The buildings house elephants, lions, monkeys and everything else a circus needs. Chase heads off to yet another new school and as the storm approaches, the principal sends all the kids out to take the bus back home. Chase challenges the principal's logic but gets nowhere. As the storm strengthens, the bus makes its rounds and finally there are only three kids on the bus. This is where the story begins. Challenged by near-drownings, alligators, and blinding wind and rain, Chase follows his instincts and uses his special equipment to battle for their lives. The last chapter leads straight into the next book in the series...Troubled Waters. 143 pages Ages 9-12

Chase Masters and his father are storm runners, racing across the country in pursuit of hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.  Anywhere bad weather strikes, they are not far behind. When they head to Florida just in time for the storm of the century, Chase and his father may be in for more than they can handle as they are split up when the storm hits and Chase is forced to find his way back in the middle of a hurricane, aboard a school bus!

After Chase Masters’ father is hit by lightning, he sells their house and hits the road as a storm chasing handy-man.  After a disaster, he appears in town and offers to help you make repairs, for a price. Now Chase and his father have headed to Florida for the storm of the century, a hurricane named Emily. Chase is at school when the storm hits and is sent home on the bus for a ride he and his companions will never forget. Fast-paced adventure takes this first installment of the series to its cliff-hanging conclusion and has the reader looking for answers in the surge.

143 pages

Recommended by: Alice Cyphers, Pennsylvania USA

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