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Stink, Book 1: The Incredible Shrinking Kid

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Judy Moody's little brother is shrinking.  Every day Judy measures Stink and there just isn't any change.  The class newt is growing faster than he is.  Will he ever see the mark on the wall go up?  Then, the day arrives when Judy does the measuring and instead of growing up, it looks like Stink has grown down.  He's shorter than when they started.  He has become the incredible shrinking Stink!

128 pages  Ages 6-10   978-0763664268

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Stink,The Incredible Shrinking Kid
Really funny and was made for probably 2nd and 3rd graders. Stink was short, shorter than his older sister Judy. Stink wanted Judy to measure him. Judy said ‘’I measured you this morning’’. It was dinner time. Stink didn’t like veggies, so he ate all his beans and peas to get measured. Stink remembered he was 3 ft. and 8 in. tall. When he got measured, Judy noticed Stink was only 2 ft. 7 and three quarter inches! Stink shrank! To try to fix the problem, Judy put gooey hair gel in Stink’s hair, and it sat for a while. Stink is a blondie, because Judy, again, noticed something changed. ‘’ Stink, I think it’s working!’’
Stink looked in the mirror. His hair was a different color!

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