Stick Dog

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Stick Dog lives in an empty pipe under Highway 16.  He has made himself a great home there with an old comfy couch to sleep on and a bunch of toys to chew on.  Home Sweet Home.  Happily, he has four good friends who love to stop by.  They are Poo-Poo, Stripes, Karen and Mutt.

One day the five dog friends are faced with an enormous challenge.  The delicious smell of hamburgers on the grill is wafting their way from the direction of their favorite park.  Yes, someone is cooking some mouth-watering burgers.  How can the dogs get those burgers?

One at a time each dog offers up a plan.  Stick Dog listens carefully and masterfully.  Is one of the plans worthy?  Will they be able to find the burgers?  Is there any chance at all that a burger will find its way into their drooling mouths?

Hilarious and filled with one stick drawing after another, this book is perfect for readers who want some pictures in the margins, need the dialogue to be entertaining and who can't wait to see what silly thing these friends will do next.  These dogs may not be playing with a full deck.

193 pages (large font, lots of white space, and plenty of stick drawings)    Ages 6-10  978-0062110787

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge

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