Stella Louella's Runaway Book

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Stella Louella's Runaway Book

It's Saturday morning and Stella Louella has lost her library book. Where can it be? She looks high and low and in between. They can't have a lost library book. What will the librarian, Mrs. Graham, say? Stella's father joins in the hunt. Try to remember where you left it...ah, the hammock. But when they arrive at the hammock the book is gone. Seems someone else read that book and sent it off in a new direction. The group charges off and keeps following the trail of the book which it seems everyone clearly enjoyed. The posse gets larger and larger as they meet one satisfied book reader after another and we hear more and more clues about just which book this might be. Will she ever find it? What will she say to Mrs. Graham? This is a town of very happy readers. By the way, what was your favorite part of the book? Ages 5-7 40 pages

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