Sixteen-year-old Callie and her little brother Tyler, survived the Spore Wars. But her parents, along with everyone between twenty and sixty died. Now, there are only very young people and very old people. Instead of helping the young people, the Enders (older people) passed laws that would keep the younger people out of power. Young people can't vote, and they can't hold jobs. Consequently, Callie and Tyler are homeless and living on the streets just trying to survive. They need money and food badly because Tyler isn't healthy.

   When Callie first hears of Prime Destinations, she feels revulsion. Who could rent their body to an Ender in exchange for money? A lot of money! In return the Ender could live in the young body for a week or longer and do everything they used to do when they were young. Enders would go dancing, play tennis, and perhaps even sky dive. The young person would just be a deep sleep while all this was going on. Callie has a big decision to make and she must make it soon because Tyler is getting sicker.

   What could go wrong if Callie goes through with this? Well, actually, a lot of things! The plot quickly turns very diabolical. This is a great read that will keep you reading and guessing until the end!

 Recommended by: Faith Miller, Library Media Specialist, Connecticut USA

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