Star Wars: Are You Scared Darth Vader?

Star Wars: Are You Scared Darth Vader?

I think we all know the books that show up with the Star Wars logo on them.  They might be Visual Dictionaries or Jedi Apprentice books or early readers about droids.  This is not one of those.  This is a gen-u-ine picture book with Darth Vader appearing as all powerful ...did I say appearing???

Darth Vader.  Two words that strike fear in a lot of hearts around the globe.  He and the One Who Shall Not Be Named could be neighbors on the dark side.   In a galaxy far, far away Darth Vader and a boy meet in a dark swampy forest (could be Dagobah)  by the light of well, possibly a Death Star.  It's a place where TIE fighters might go to die.  It's a place where Darth Vader might be just a little bit edgy.  The boy is seizing his chance to find out exactly how tough this Vader guy is.  Just what might scare him...this formidable, deeply flawed, bad to the bone guy...named Vader?

First the wolfman thing...does that scare him?  After all, a wolfman could bite him.  In his stiff, distant and intimidating style, Vader, arms folded across his chest and completely in charge, denies that any wolf or man could ever scare him.  So, certainly a wolfman would not.

One by one the ghouls arrive to challenge and test the metal of Darth Vader.  In turn, each is told sternly that nothing can scare this guy.  He is all powerful and their pitiful attempts don't faze him in the slightest.

What a fabulous read-aloud story for bedtime, library story time and preschool circle time.  As scary thing after scary thing shows up, the tension mounts.  When will Vader lose his self-control? Can you shake his composure?  Is he really so confident and so capable and so self-assured that he fears nothing?  Nothing? Not even you?

Turns out every child, every young listener, is holding a strength they never recognized well....until now..until this book.  It's exciting and empowering and will bring children back again and again to wield their power.  Truly amazing!

Great fun! Diverse cast of characters and a satisfying duel between a team of powerful young fighters and a lord of the dark side.     Brilliant, suspenseful, funny and a perfect Halloween read.  A must for every school and public library!

48 pages   978-1484704974   Ages   5-9

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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