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Imagine if you got a letter inviting you to attend the Jedi Academy.  Imagine if the letter was from Yoda and Yoda already knows you have the Force in you.

Roan Novachez has always dreamed of attending the Pilot Academy Middle School and become a star pilot.  He has sent his application in for consideration and now he's waiting to see if his dream will come true.

But mysteriously the application is rejected.  Unlike all his friends Roan will not be going to Pilot Academy.  What does this leave?  Tattoine Agricultural Academy?  Is he doomed to a life of plants?

Then the letter comes from Master Yoda at Jedi Academy inviting Roan to attend their school.  Yoda's letter says, "Strong in you the force is.  Jedi you may be.  Much potential." Roan didn't apply to the Jedi Academy and the rest of the students were accepted into the program when they were very young.  In fact, Roan doesn't know much about the Jedi Academy.

All Roan knows is that Jedi get to use some kind of laser sword.  Actually the academy turns out to be the galaxy's premier training academy where Jedi are trained to use the lightsaber, to wield the Force, to use Jedi mind tricks, and to resist their own dark side.

It turns out many of the students at the Academy have been studying the force for years. Roan is a transfer student and he has a lot to learn and a lot to catch up on.  Will Roan ever discover the secret to using the Force?  Is he really made of the right stuff? Can he learn to slow dance with a girl?  Will he ever be able to lift anything heavier than a piece of paper?

Done in doodles, comics, letters and storytelling this is a funny and familiar journey of an awkward boy finding his way through a school where power and ethics are the stuff dreams are made of.

160 pages   Ages  8-12    978-0545505178

Recommended by: Barb,

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