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Flashpoint, October 2010

Try to imagine American history without a horse. We rode them out West, used them to pull our wagons and in our big cities back East, they did all the hard work of pulling the fire engines, bringing us our ice and our milk, and even pulling our trollies. There's more to a horse than physical strength though. They connect to us in very special ways. Today, in Brooklyn, there is a wonderful stable where a bit of yesteryear still lives on. It's a place where children can learn to ride or get a pony for their party. It's also a place where they say "When something bothers you, go in a stall and hug a horse." Just hearing the word farrier or seeing the horse clip clopping through the city makes you realize how far we are from this world and how much we don't want to let it disappear completely. Ted Lewin with his brilliant eye for light and for spotlighting for us what's important in the world, brings the stable to life for us. Another treasure to share with a child about what is truly of value and the wonder our spirits seek. 40 pages Ages 5 to Adult

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