Spoon in the Bathroom Wall

Spoon in the Bathroom Wall

How many of you have seen the Disney movie, "The Sword in the Stone?"  The one where Wart pulls the sword out of the stone and becomes King Arthur?

This is a similar story.. a parody... but instead of a sword there is a bejeweled spoon..in the wall of the boys' bathroom.

Martha Snapdragon lives in the Horace E. Bloggins School boiler room. Her father is the school janitor and that's where normal ends as far as this story goes.  While Martha's father is answering every maniacal thought of power hungry Principal Klunk, 4th grader Martha is battling a bully named Rufus and discovering that her science teacher has a carton of baby dragon eggs about to hatch.  

One day, on the run from Rufus, Martha dashes into the boys' bathroom and discovers a spoon in the wall and soon word of a prophecy spreads.  Whosoever pulls the spoon from the boys' bathroom wall will become King of Bloggins School.  The madness ensues with Principal Klunk leading the charge.

Hilarious fun with a basis in a great fantasy tale.

Recommended by:  Barb

Does your teacher levitate potatoes to float around a pumpkin when your class is studying the solar system? Can she make eggs dance? What is that thing that's sticking out of the wall of the girls' bathroom? Martha Snapdragon (sometimes known as Marthur) is going to act like the Snapdragon that she is and save the whole school from the monster that might be lurking in the wall.

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