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Simply Read Books 2013
Character-Building Curriculum

Once upon a time a tiny dragon was born.  He had a pointy tail, a big snout and sparks so they called him Spark.  Spark is a delightfully green little dragon who twinkles with friendliness and fun.  As he grows up, his spark gets bigger and bigger and eventually his parents decide to give him fire breathing lessons so he can be his most careful self.

These lessons are less than successful as Spark grows bigger and bigger and his fire breathing gets more and more fiery.  What is a mother dragon to do?  What is a father dragon to do?

Patiently they find all sorts of ways to help him keep the fire burning but not take the house with it every time he happens to sneeze. 

Written as five short chapters this is a story of caring dragons, a few lessons in how sometimes it takes a few tries to get something right, and a dragon whose joy just may light your fire.  He's a darling little fellow this Spark and the illustrations are so warm and touching, I wanted to buy one for my very own.

Ages 5-8   33 pages  978-1927018248

Recommended by:  Barb,

Also in the series:  Flare; Splash

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