SPHDZ Book 1 Spaceheadz

SPHDZ Book 1  Spaceheadz

Michael K. is starting fifth grade at his new school P.S. 858 in Brooklyn, New York and expecting the worst. But, there is no way he could have imagined just how bad things were going to turn out. Sitting in the back with the other two new kids, Michael cringes as Jennifer eats a pencil and Bob, the other new kid, starts talking to him in commercial slogans. And that's just the beginning. They assure him they have arrived from another planet and that the need him, Michael K., to help convert 3,000,000 plus other kids to become SPHDZ too. That is the only way our planet will be saved. There's someone else who is having a bad day and his name is Agent Umber. He's a fledgling secret agent with the AAA, something about about being anti-alien, and he needs to pull off a great case to save his damaged reputation. When his Picklephone rings, he is excited to hear an alien has been traced to area D-7 and that he, Agent Umber, is being dispatched to take care of business. His dispatch will result in several goose eggs on the old noggin', a trip to the school nurse's office, a taco disguise and a tv news crew....just for starters. Meanwhile, back in the grocery aisles, Jennifer the pencil chomper and her able side kick Bob will be squeezing the Charmin and grabbing the Old Spice deodorant, the Ajax which is stronger than dirt, some Bounty paper towels (you never know when you'll need a quick picker upper) and a six pack of Bud. Oh, Michael K. gets that six pack out of the grocery cart pretty quickly. You get the idea. This would make a hilarious movie and definitely lends itself to a series. 164 pages of hilarity Ages 8-11

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SPACEHEADZ by John Scieszka, Trailer by Casey Scieszka and Kevin Weinberg


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