Snowshoe Thompson

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Snowshoe Thompson

Ah the ingenuity of our immigrant pioneers. Young Danny is writing a letter to his father who is seeking gold in the Sierra Nevada mountains and he wishes his father would come home in time for Christmas. Then the snows come and word spreads that no more mail will go out until the next spring. Danny is broken hearted until John Thompson, a neighbor, volunteers to take the mail over the mountains for everyone. But, how can he make it with all the deep snow on the ground? Well, John hails from the country of Norway and there he learned to make skis. He teaches Danny the process of making skis and the two of them scrape the wood and boil the wood so they will curve. Suddenly, the task of taking the mail through during the winter doesn't look quite so impossible. This story is based on the life of a real man named John Thompson and nicknamed Snowshoe Thompson. What a great story to teach our children about our forefathers and their ability to solve problems and take risks. 64 pages An I Can Read Book Ages 5-8

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