In our culture, the word "snitch" has become the lowest of insults. In the book "Snitch," Julia gives all of the reasons for staying away from gangs, and also the reasons that some of her friends have joined them (including proctection, loyalty, and family ties).  She is extremely angry when her boyfriend joins a gang, but sees no way to stay away when she is attacked by another gang.   The author describes in detail Julia's internal debates and why she makes her decisions, making it easier for people to see how consuming the gang lifestyle can be. Julia is depicted as a strong young woman who makes hard decisions based on her own needs and ideals, not just to please her friends, boyfriend, or family.
The love story here will attract many girls, especially the tidy ending, while the story is still real enough to be more than just a romance novel.

Profanity is used as it would be in real life in many of the situations depicted here, and there are conversations about sex. Recomended for high school. 304 pages

Recommended by Amy Coward, Librarian, Virginia, USA

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