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Little Joey is tired of being in Momma Kangaroo's pouch. He wants to play but it's a hot day and she just wants to lie down for a little snooze. While she snores away, Joey goes looking for games to play. In this rhyming, richly illustrated story, Joey finds friend after friend and each teaches him a new game. Twisker the bush mouse has a game and Slider the snake teaches lots of knots. Flatso the platypus has one and so does Prickler the echidna. The last friend who oozes up is Sly-tooth the crocodile. He has a game all right and it involves everyone hiding in his big open wide mouth. are they going to get out of this one. Playful and fun while we're learning about the animals who live in the land down under. Ages 4-8 32 pages

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