Just like the dinosaurs.... we're looking at the possibility of some serious extinction.


This is one of those humor books that makes you hope the award committees will take a deep look. Great humor is a rare gem in any book. Finding it done to such a phenomenal level is such a gift. This book will be such a hit with so, so many readers...may even be hard to find a reluctant reader after they devour this one. Enjoy. Got a reluctant reader? You won't after April 26, 2016 when SLACKER by Gordon Korman hits the shelves. Put it on your list. Call the video game players in your life now and sound the alarm. A book ...yes a about to enter the world of library bookshelves and bookstores previously known as enemy territory and this book was written by one of them, albeit a grown up (at least purportedly( and man does he see every inch of them and understand exactly what makes life worth least in their opinion.


Cameron Boxer, a born slacker, whose couch was built to encase his butt (pardon me), is attached by some invisible umbilical cord to a video game console. He is so into his gamesmanship and the support of his gamer friends a few blocks away and across the ocean that he would not know if the house was burning down around him. So, it gives a good imitation of doing just that.


After he lets the black smoke billow and the fire department axe down the front door, how does a guy get back in his parents' good graces so he can play his games and sharpen his skills to go up against his most virulent opponent Evil MckillPeople? Hey, he starts a club called the Positive Action Group. P.A.G. Should anyone figure out a way to join the group they will become paggers. Hundreds of them even.


This is standup comedy at its best. Gordon Korman's brain delivers humor like he's standing on stage at a comedy club and he can't stop himself. It just keeps coming.


This is absolute laugh out loud humor that will astonish and amaze and it will break any reluctant reader's sets of beliefs about books and reading.

240 pages Ages 9-13 978-0545823159

Come April 26, 2016, reluctant readers will become extinct.
Recommended by: Barb Langridge,

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