Sisters Grimm, Book 6: Tales From the Hood

Sisters Grimm, Book 6:  Tales From the Hood

The time has come for the Big Bad Wolf to stand trial for his crimes... Mayor Heart and Sheriff Nottingham want him to hang for his deeds and thus leave the Grimm family without a protector. The mayor has made no secret that she wants the Grimms out of Ferryport Landing, and without Canis to protect them, she may get her wish. The judge is mad, as in The Mad Hatter, the jury is full of members of the Scarlet Hand and the prosecuting attorney is none other than Bluebeard, himself. It would appear Mr. Canis doesn't stand a chance. Not that he is really putting up a fight. Sabrina is frightened as Canis seems less and less human with each passing day. The Wolf is taking hold and its only a matter of time before their dark vision of the future becomes reality. Granny Relda still believes in her old friend, as does everyone else, including Daphne who has the key to the secret weapon Hamstead gave them. Can Sabrina convince her family to stop the Wolf before it's too late or will Mr. Canis be saved from the noose by Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men? The answers may lie in a tale as familiar and yet as varied as can be. Exactly what did happen that day in the woods? The only one who knows the truth is sitting in the Ferryport Landing hospital out of her right mind! What mysteries does Red Riding Hood hold in that twisted brain of hers? With the usual "nod and wink" to classic fairy tales, the best part about this episode in the Grimm sisters' lives, is the new look at the Red Riding Hood legend. Contributed by J.R.S.

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