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  • Sisters Grimm, Book 4: Once Upon a Crime

Sisters Grimm, Book 4: Once Upon a Crime

Sisters Grimm, Book 4:  Once Upon a Crime

The tales of the Sisters Grimm continue as the Grimm family, accompanied by Mr. Canis (aka. the Big Bad Wolf) and the former sheriff Hampstead (aka. one of the three little pigs), travel to New York City to the land of Fairie to get Puck the medical care he needs. For hidden in the Big Apple is another realm, where Mother Goose is a bartender, Ebenezer Scrooge sells spirits and savings bonds, Long John Silver has traded the jolly roger for a business suit on Wall Street.

Much to Sabrina's unhappiness, Everafters abound in New York City and apparently her mother was helping them! The girls learn that Veronica Grimm had been keeping the family business alive behind their father's back, and that she was somewhat of a hero among the magic beings. When the fairy king, Oberon, is murdered the Grimms discover that detective work does not take a holiday. There is a murderer among the magical beings and one of them is a member of the scarlet hand, the infamous organization responsible for the girl's parents' kidnapping.

There are some interesting developments, too: Hampstead meets his match in the form of Bess, the ex-girlfriend of a fairygodfather; Puck is the heir apparent to the fairy kindgom and Oberon's successor AND he has a fiance named, Moth. (And for some reason, this makes Sabrina uncomfortable.) Once Upon a Crime is a rather spirited look at NYC, through the eyes of the Grimms and the Everafters. A fun way to pass an afternoon. Contributed by J.R.S.

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