Sisters Club, The

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Sisters Club, The

Talk about drama. This is a family with three sisters in it: Alex the oldest, Jody the youngest, and Stevie the middle who provides the glue. The entire family is involved in something dramatic. Dad does set design for the local Raven Theater and Mom has her own cooking show. Alex is playing the part of Beauty in the school play. But the drama reaches its fullest pitch when sister Joey decides to sabotage Alex's dinner date with her latest heartthrob around the family dining table. Joey is determined to get this victim to kiss her sister thereby embarrassing the whole cast. The sisters have always been close and they even convene a Sisters Club at regular intervals to discuss various topics of great importance while doing their toenails. Now the Club looks doomed and it will be up to Stevie to glue it all back together. Light and a fun read. 181 pages

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