Singing Down the Rain

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Singing Down the Rain

Sometimes the believing and the change and the wonder have to start with the children and with deep within the natural world around us. In this inspirational challenge to us all, a town sits dry waiting for a drop of rain to fall. Neighbors start having spats. Crickets are silent. Then, from nowhere, a woman appears with a song to sing. She can sing down the rain but this dryness will take more than just her voice. She pleas to the folks who are rocking on their porches and trying not to notice her. She begs again and again for them to join her in song. It's the natural world that responds first with the frogs announcing their presence and then the children feel the pull of the song. They seem to be just a song or two away from that first drop of rain. Finally those big church voices join in and the rain pours over them in a deluge bringing life back into all the dry places. This is a wonderful story of overcoming challenges and joining together to conquer all sorts of droughts. 32 pages Ages 6-9

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