Shorty and Clem

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Meet Shorty...he is not a lizard...he is a Shortysaurus otherwise known as a Short Dinosaur and today he is faced with a mighty thundering problem. A package has been delivered to his house. Oh happy day until he realizes it belongs to his dear friend, Clem, a quail.

Now packages have a certain "Je ne sais quoi." They have allure. They insist on being opened. Shorty's imagination quickly starts working on what could possibly be inside this mysteriously fabulous box.

He gives the package a workout first imagining it holds a race car that needs driving and then envisioning a trampoline that needs bouncing.

The package begins to show signs of the curiosity being invested in it by Shorty. The tension builds and builds and builds until...well, will Shorty open the package even though he knows it doesn't belong to him?

Will he? Can he hold out? Does he have enough self-control to keep from opening something that doesn't belong to him?

Fast-paced, impish, heartfelt just as Elephant and Piggie could have told them....friendship triumphs over all. There is a cadence to Elephant and Piggie stories that is instantly familiar and delightful. This book has that cadence.

Entertaining....playful....funny....great read aloud for storytime! "Boom Bada Boom."

978-0062421586 Ages 4-8 40 pages

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,

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