Shipwreck Island


Sarah Robinson is slamming her drawers to let her father know just how not thrilled she is to be told she has to go on a "family honeymoon" so she and her new stepbrothers can get to know each other better.  Her father has up and married a flight attendant and Sarah is pretty sure the her new stepmother is a golddigger...after her father's money.  Weren't they doing just fine, the two of them, after mom died?  Weren't things okay just as they were?

Marco and his younger brother, Nacho, aren't so thrilled with their new stepfamily either.  Marco is pretty sure this new stepfather of his is just one of those rich guys who buys beautiful wives... women like his mother.  His mom has had a tough time since his father was killed in a car accident but that doesn't mean this new stepfather is the right father for Nacho or for Marco. What is his mother thinking?

Now they're all headed off on the "honeymoon" together to get to know each other better.  Ends of the Earth Luxury Cruises doesn't turn out to be the luxurious line they had expected.  From the start things are sketchy.  

When the storm rises up, the family is thrown in every direction both physically and emotionally and now, washed up on a tropical island a la the Swiss Family Robinson, they need to find a way to survive until a rescue boat finds them.  

That's when things really start getting weird.  As the sun goes down and the twilight descends, a strange cry rises up in the jungle.  It's an eerie cry that sets everyone on edge.  Sarah sees something odd.  Marco hears something he doesn't want to tell anyone about.  Little by little their paradise begins to take on a sinister feel.

Are they alone on this island?  Are they in danger?  Will a boat come in time to take them back to the civilized world? The eerie feeling is building and the clues that this is not the world they know anything about are mounting.  What weapons do they hold between them?  

184 pages  Ages  9-13   978-1250027771

Recommended by:  Barb,

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