Shh! We Have a Plan


Four friends in dark disguises and whimsical tassles are setting forth into the forest with a plan. They are on a quest.  They have a mission.  Armed with butterfly nets they creep through the shadowy trees until they spot a beautifully feathered red bird perched on the tip of a low-growing tree.  

 Stealthily they approach the bird undaunted by the smallest member of the team who calls out a cheery, "Hello Birdie." Tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe.  Aha!!!   The nets go flying.  Did they capture the prize?  is the birdie in the net?  

Surprised eyeballs tell the story as the birdie flies free and the friends have to untangle themselves from their pile.  This crew is not going to give up easily though and we watch in delight and anticipation as they think out solutions to the obstacles the bird creates for them.  

There is something likeable about these Keystone Cops of the woods.  Their eyeballs lead us forward into the fray.  It's a case of chick a chick a boom boom all over again only this time it's warmly bundled ird hunters doing the tumbling.

Hoorary for the little guy who knows exactly what it will take to catch this glorious bird!

Delightful, playful and suspenseful.  A great read-aloud for groups or in the rocking chair.

Ages  4-7   978-1406342321  48 pages 

Recommended by:  Barb,

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