Shadow Children, Book 2: Among the Impostors

Shadow Children, Book 2: Among the Impostors

See Among the Hidden to get a feel for this series. This is Book Two in the Shadow Children sci-fi series about life in the future when families are only allowed to have 2 children. What happens if there is a third child?

This is a book about a society that does not allow families to have more than two children.Third children are not allowed and many families have hidden their third child or given him or her a new identity.Luke is a third child and is given the new name of Lee Grant and sent to the Hendricks School for boys in order to survive in his society.While there Lee is bullied and pushed around.Lee lives with the fear of being discovered and killed.He befriends some boys; many who are third children with new identities.However, Lee discovers that not everything is as it seems.Is he really in danger?What can he do to save himself and the others?Read the book to find out.

I highly recommend this book for Middle Readers and Older Readers.They will easily identify with the characters and the author keeps the reader wondering what will happen next.The book is told from a third-person narrator, which allows the reader to know many of the characters in a more thorough manner.Readers will want to continue reading the series to findout more about Luke/Lee.

Recommended by Karen Limbaugh, MLIS, Retired High School Librarian

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