Seven Hungry Babies

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Seven Hungry Babies

Mama Bird is ecstatic. Her seven eggs are beginning to hatch. As the seven babies emerge from their shells, they begin to cry, “Feed us! Feed us!” Their doting mother complies, flying off to find food for the little ones. As each nestling’s hunger is satisfied, the remaining chicks take up the refrain, and the increasingly weary Mama Bird searches for a meal for each one. By the time all the babies are fed and peacefully sleeping, Mama can collapse for a well-deserved rest–or can she? The repetitions of “Feed us! Feed us!” and “Flappa-flap, swoop-swoop, zoom-zoom, YUM!” and variations make this a perfect choice for read-alouds with plenty of participation from listeners. Vibrant, expressive illustrations by Eugene Yelchin are spot-on–from the tearful hungry chicks to the fat tummies of their satiated siblings to the exhausted Mama Bird. The ending, which will resonate with any mom, is a perfect finale to this gem. (Oh--it's also a reverse counting book, so kids can actually learn subtraction.) Great fun. Ages 3-7 Recommended by Basya Karp, Librarian, New York, USA

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