Seven Pablos

Seven Pablos

Seven young boys living in seven different countries around the world and each one is named Pablo.  Each Pablo is struggling with poverty and oppression.  With a turn of the page we travel to another country, to another moment in time, another family and we are privileged to stand in their shoes and feel their hopes, fears, love and dreams.

Maybe we can begin to understand that we are Pablo, too.  That each of these children is connected to each of us and our choices and compassion can reach farther than we know.

40 pages          978-1592702534         Ages 4-9

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Pablo lives in Chile with his hardworking father. But Pablo also lives in Ecuador, deep in the Amazon rainforest. There is another Pablo living with his family in Mexico, after fleeing the dictatorship in Argentina. And in New York, Pablo shares an overcrowded apartment in the Bronx, where he’s only allowed home for twelve hours at a time. Pablo is the son of a rural schoolteacher in Peru, and another Pablo picks through garbage to survive in Rio de Janiero, while yet another Pablo has big plans to get from Guatemala to Los Angeles. Poet Jorge Luján tells the powerful story of seven different Pablos living seven different lives in this world we all call home.

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