Serafina, Book 3: Serafina and the Splintered Heart

Serafina, Book 3:  Serafina and the Splintered Heart
The storms are coming... Something has happened to Serafina. She has awoken into a darkness she does not understand, scarred from a terrible battle, only to find that life at Biltmore Estate has changed in unimaginable ways. Old friends do unthinkable things and enemies seem all around.
A mysterious threat moves towards Biltmore, a force without a name, bringing with it violent storms and flooding that stands to uproot everything in its path. Serafina must uncover the truth about what has happened to her and find a way to harness her strange new powers before it's too late.
With only days to achieve the impossible, Serafina fights to reclaim herself as the Guardian of Biltmore, friend of Braeden, daughter of her Pa, and heroine of the Blue Ridge Mountains and all the folk and creatures that call it home.
In the epic third installment of Robert Beatty's #1 bestselling series, Serafina takes her rightful place among literary champions as she battles fiercely to defend all she loves and become everything that she is meant to be.--from the publisher
368 pages                    978-1484775042           Ages 10-13

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No book can be better than the Serafina book series especially this one. It had many mysteries, sad parts, creepy parts, and parts that just leave you hanging. It is full of action and suspense though when you start everything you think of is how Serafina is going to kill the evil that cannot be killed. There are heart changes and spirit loss and will give you the creepy feeling like the evil is right behind you. That is why I think this is the best book ever
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