Secrets We Keep


Identical twins. Mistaken identities. Horrible tragedy. Most of all, secrets. Teenage twins Ella and Maddy Lawton used to be closer than close, but high school cliques and popularity divided the sisters against themselves. Artistic Ella wants to connect with her sister more than anything…maybe even more than getting accepted to her dream art school.

One fateful night, she gets her chance…in the most horrific way she could imagine. When Ella survives a car crash and her sister does not, she is at first mistaken for Maddy. Once she regains her memories and realizes the mistake that has been made, she has to decide which Lawton girl she wants to be: the unpopular loner who killed her sister or the athletic and popular girl who has everything she wants.

Ella and Maddy used to swap identities when they were younger, but living in her sister’s skin soon teaches Ella that she didn’t really know her twin very well at all. Maddy died with a lot of secrets…secrets that are threatening to come out. The Secrets We Keep is a fast read that dissects the complicated relationships between sisters and what it means to come of age in the shadow of death. Good for mature readers who enjoy their stories with a side of suspense.

Read alikes:  The Girl in the Park, by Mariah Fredericks; All You Never Wanted, by Adele Griffin 304 pages    ISBN:978-0374300463     Ages 14 and up

Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian, Maryland, USA

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