Second Grade Holdout


Ah, the terror of second grade: spelling words like "rendezvous," "discombobulated," and "platypus" and having to learn the presidents forward and backward.  This little guy is not interested.

He did pretty well in first grade. In fact, he's really excited to do first grade all over again. Heck, he'll definitely be the guy who has lost the most teeth and when they go on the scavenger hunt on the zoo field trip, he'll win.  This is sounding like a plan... a very good plan.

But the know those parents...they say, "Not. Gonna. Happen."

His best friend, Tyler, isn't even going to be in his class. Tyler's sisters are telling him all about what it's like to be in Mr. Glazier's class and none of it sounds good, so why are they smiling?

Big sisters having fun at the expense of little brothers, fears of what lies ahead in the second grade, that all on your own feeling when your best friend isn't there...and we get to read and laugh as we watch this little guy get more and more worried and we, we the smart ones who have left first grade behind.. we know better!

Terrific fun and a great read aloud for second graders ...and their older brothers and sisters.

32 pages    978-0544876811   Ages  4-8

Other titles in the series:  First Grade Dropout

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,



The comically anxious narrator in this book thought that first grade had its problems, but overall it was pretty awesome. He'll take grade one over grade two any day, thank you very much! Especially because he and Tyler, his best friend, will not be in the same class this school year. On top of that, Tyler's sisters have been feeding the boys a steady stream of rumors about the horrors of second grade. Luckily they catch on that just maybe some of those stories are not one hundred percent true.

Could it be that second grade is not so bad? Find out in this laugh-out-loud story that has more than its fair share of heart.--from the publisher

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