School's First Day of School


“I  remember and I’ll always treasure Schooldays  were the happiest days of your life But  we never appreciate the good times we have Until  it’s too late I  miss all the acquaintances we made And  I’d go back if I could find a way” --  The Kinks “Schooldays” (1975)

“‘This  is nice,’ the school said to Janitor. ‘Just the two of us.’ “‘Won’t  be just us for long,’ said Janitor. ‘Soon the teachers will come, and then  you’ll be filled with children.’ “The  school creaked. ‘Children?’ “‘All kinds  of children. They’ll come to play games and learn.’ “‘Oh,’  said the school,’ will you be here?’ “‘You’ll  see me after the school day is over,’ said Janitor. ‘Don’t worry--you’ll like  the children.’ “But  the school thought that Janitor was probably wrong about that. “Then  they came, the children did, and there were more of them than the school could  possibly have imagined.”

One  day, in the springtime, my mother drove her ‘52 Buick Roadmaster to my nursery  school, picked me up, and brought me to a kindergarten orientation at Fern Place  School.

After  seven or eight months of the comforting routine of nursery school, I was  unnerved by the jarring notion that I’d soon be spending my days sitting still,  in chairs, in a sprawling, multi-story, brick building. Fifty-six years later, I  still recall the waves of anxiety I experienced after my mother dropped me back  off at nursery school and I began panicking about my future. When you’re a first  born, with no siblings to show you the ropes, the threat of change can be pretty  traumatic.

I’m  in love with SCHOOL’S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, in which we see the first day of  school from the nervous school building’s perspective. It’s the perfect book for  anxious first borns and anyone else who can relate to the “ small girl with  freckles” character, who is so reluctant that her work-attired mother has to  carry her into the school.

Over  the course of that first day, the freckled kindergartner finds camaraderie, a  supportive teacher, and self-satisfaction for work done well. The charm of the  story is that it is told from the point of view of the anxious school building  who is also experiencing first day jitters.

I  got a kick out of the older kid who has told his friends that he hates school  becoming the victim of a nifty little prank by the school (who then expresses a  bit of remorse). In the manner that a child would tell his or her parent about  the first day, the school gets to recount his first day for Janitor, and then  asks Janitor to get the kids back again tomorrow.

The  book’s cast of young students includes a breadth of skin tones and attire, as  well as a girl in a wheelchair. We see children arriving via school bus; others  bike, skateboard, walk alone, or are accompanied by a parent.

SCHOOL’S  FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL is the best get-ready-for-kindergarten book I’ ve read. It’s  sure to become a favorite.

Richie  Partington, MLIS, California USA

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