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Disney-Hyperion July 20177

Meet the spooky ghost.  Does he look scary to you?  He's clearly a little nervous and definitely he's worried about what lurks in the dark woods we just passed as we turned those first pages.  He's imagining "hungry monsters with smelly breath, sharp fangs, and pointy claws."  But oops..he just spilled his orange juice on his sheet and now he's naked.  He can't go into the scary dark woods like that, can he?  But we will.

As we take a look at what is hiding out there in the forest, the ghost waits back at home.  We check in with him every now and then to let him know what we see.

Just how scary are these woods?  Will the ghost believe us when we tell him about the dark hole?  About the whimsical woodland creatures?  This little ghost truly has no backbone.  But we do and it turns out life is a whole lot more fun that way.

Great read aloud at story time for listeners who don't want anything toooo scary.

40 pages     978-1484730461    Ages  4-7

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Reader beware! This is the scariest book ever! Or so claims its melodramatic ghost narrator. You can go ahead and turn the page, but don't expect him to come with you. Anything might pop out of that black hole in the middle of the forest. What do you mean it's just a bunny? Well, it's probably a bunny with big fangs. Watch out, it's--picking pumpkins with its friends, you say? Actually, despite the ghost's scare-mongering, none of the animal characters in the illustrations seem scary at all. . . . What's up with that? Many delights, such as surprises after the page turn, an alarmist narrator, and punch lines to anticipate make this book a scream for both kids and parents.

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