Saving the Ghost of the Mountain (Scientists in the Field)

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Saving the Ghost of the Mountain (Scientists in the Field)

"Select a spot for the door and its frame, facing south to catch the warm sun." This is how you begin to erect your Ger. Yes, your Ger. That's where you're going to be living on this journey through Mongolia. Meet Tom McCarthy, the "conservation director of the Seattle-based Snow Leopard Trust." He's about to take us through the Gobi desert and across Mongolia in search of the ghosts of the mountains otherwise known as snow leopards. These big cats aren't dangerous to humans and they are seldom seen but a group of scientists is dedicating their lives to darting them and attaching radio transmitters to them so we can study them and protect them. The inimitable Nic Bishop went along on this journey so you know the photographs are going to be amazing. A peak at the Altai mountains, a hushed moment of peering through binoculars in search of the cat who belongs to the noise on the radio, a remembered story of a leopard in Tom's arms are all part of this trek. So gather the bright paint, the dried curd and all of your determination and welcome to the wild land of Mongolia. 80 ages Ages 7-12

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