Saving Marty

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A father who earned a Bronze Star for saving a man's life in battle and then died in a firefight ten weeks later.  A mom who struggles to hold onto her house and her farm.  A best friend who can sing like a dream.  This is the world of eleven-year-old Renzo.  He's surrounded by heroes.

Renzo has a dream of his own.  He and his best friend, Paloma, are going out to California where she will be discovered and they will both take up surfing. Maybe that will fill the holes in his life.  Maybe that will be enough for him to measure up and feel valued and safe and loved.

Then along comes a piglet named Marty and suddenly Renzo has someone to count on...someone who loves him..always..... until.....

208 pages     978-0399539077   Ages 10-14

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Eleven-year-old Lorenzo Ventura knows heroes are rare—like his father, who died in the war, or his friend Paloma Lee, who fearlessly pursues her dream of being a famous musician. Renzo would never describe himself as a hero, but his chance comes when he adopts Marty, a runt piglet.

Marty is extraordinary—he thinks he’s a dog and acts like one too—and his bond with Renzo is truly one of a kind. At first, the family farm seems like the perfect home for Marty, but as he approaches 350 pounds, it becomes harder for Renzo to convince his mom that a giant pig makes a good pet. So when Marty causes a dangerous (and expensive) accident, Renzo knows Marty’s time is up. He’d do anything and everything for his best friend, but will everything be enough to save Marty?

Paul Griffin masterfully melds the heartrending and the hopeful in this unforgettable story about the power of friendship . . . and the unsung heroes all around us.--from the publisher

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