Save Me a Seat


Welcome to Albert Einstein Elementary School.  This is the stroy of Ravee who has just moved to New Jersey from Bangalore, India.  He was a star student back home and he's eager to show his new teacher how smart he is. He's ready to make a good impression.

In less than a week he has been reduced.  Reduced to bewilderment.  He has no idea who he is here and he can't figure out the rules of the game.  Who are his friends?  Who is really on his side? Why doesn't his teacher see him more clearly and expect more of him?

Joe Sylvester has an auditory processing disorder so he is different too.  The two boys end up in a Special class together and that's where understanding begins to come to Ravee but not until he overcomes his own resistance.

Two points of view are vividly played out for us.  We have the advantage that we can see the secret story inside both boys.  Is this the end of Ravee as he remembers himself?  Will he figure out who he is in New Jersey and will he begin to see the truth?

Great story centering on stereotypes and multiculturalism.  Here is a chance to see diversity in action the way it could be handled.  Likeable characters you will come to care for and enough "Aha moments" to keep the pages turning. Prepare to cheer out loud when Ravee and Joe begin to tilt the fairness where it belongs overcoming the popular kids who are running all their tricks on a really nice guy.

212 pages   978-0545846608  Ages 8-12

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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