Sanctuary A Home for Rescued Farm Animals

sanctuary julia denos

What a privilege to review this miracle of a book.

On a rare day in a rare year I pick up a book and I discover that an angel has decided to use her magnificent ability to be vulnerable, to love, and to tell the truth about being so deeply hurt that you need a special, beautiful place to go to begin the process of learning to be safe.

How many of our children are in that space?  How many of our adults are the walking wounded holding a wounded child deep inside themselves - sometimes even unbeknownst to themselves and living in that space?

For every child who knows that deep pain and that broken trust, here is a book, ostensibly about farm animals, but in truth, about human beings as well.

A young girl is waiting with hand outstretched to welcome a wounded goat and its hesitant friend as they are unloaded from a van into a very special meadow filled with flowers, butterflies and most special of all, a light that sparkles and glows and touches every living thing in its presence.

She tells them:  "You are afraid, but I am here.  And here you are safe."

"Here is home.  Where you can be who you were born to be, just like me."

"Here your body is safe.  Your family is safe."

How many of our children need to know that this place can be a real place in their lives?  There can be a place where their family can be safe.  There can be a place where their own body can be safe.  There can be a place where they can be valued.  How amazing to see this place page after page.

I think some listeners might even hold their breaths as each page turns - waiting for the inevitable intrusion of darkness and insensitivity and even cruelty - the life they know now.  But this book is beyond that place.  This book knows and understands that this child listening to these words right now deserves to hear, has earned a light-filled picture and a reassuring voice that says, "It's over."  You, wonderful you, is here now, safe, and beautiful and now you can rest and begin to dream of the life that waits for you.

One miracle - one child - one book - what a powerful, life-changing book this can be.  Important for our farm animals but equally important for our children who have lived young lives in the darkness.

40 pages                     978-0358205432                            Ages 4-8

Keywords: abuse, healing, farm animals, compassion, self image, recovery, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Julia Denos lovingly illustrates a thoughtful, poetic text about protecting farm animals instead of exploiting them. Accessible to the youngest readers, this picture book gently celebrates compassion for all creatures. Perfect for fans of Becoming a Good Creature and Tiny, Perfect Things.

Where do you feel safe and seen?

When can you be yourself?

What about the animals who share our planet?

These questions are explored in this gentle celebration of what it means to care for and respect creatures of all kinds. Poetic text and gorgeous, joyful art show us how we can protect animals by honoring and advocating for their lives.

Accessible to the youngest readers, Sanctuary invites us to open our hearts wide to create a more loving and more compassionate world—for all.---from the publisher

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