Sam and the Lucky Money

Sam and the Lucky Money

It's Chinese New Year's Day and Sam has received four beautiful red leisees each holding a whole dollar. He and his mother head down to Chinatown to shop for fruits and vegetables and to see the lion and be a part of the mysterious, magical, vibrant celebration. A red cloud hangs over the Chinatown left from the fireworks and crowds jostle each other in the market place. Sam sees a man with no shoes begging for money. The man has dirty bare feet in the cold of winter and Sam stares. Sam and his mother wander through shops and Sam looks around to choose something to spend his money on.

Everything seems to cost so much that his four dollars won't go far. Sam is disappointed and his mother has to remind him to appreciate what he is given. As they head home, Sam and his mother see the man with the bare feet and his mother shares a quarter with the beggar who is very grateful. As Sam watches, he begins to realize the value of gratitude and appreciating what you are given as opposed to wanting more.

32 pages     978-1880000533      Ages 5-9

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

How does Sam react to the homeless man?  (Discuss in small groups)



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